The songs

Romeo enjoyed telling me off. He always challenged me to give pose or affectation up. Instead, he used to encourage me to become true. To show my skills and flourish in my self-artistry. At any given day _can’t recall exactly when, our sights connected.

That was a moment of self-discovery for me. I realized that Romeo’s wisdom had been my cornerstone since we were fifteen. Now we were grown-ups and I didn’t sing my music anymore. I had given up the music I enjoyed to play instead of any affectation. I had given up the music I wanted to sing. I had given up my best self, in a nutshell.

Now I keep feeling Romeo’s presence by my side. But if I want that to be more than a metaphor I have to be loyal to his memory. Romeo does deserve I become true. That’s why I have looked for the songs I want to sing. These are the airs I feel more me _more honest, more rooted. The songs where I melt away and there is nothing else than pure art.

Here they are.