Puncha puncha

I first heard this theme at the inaugural concert of FiraB! 2016 _which by the way was my first time as a performing artist at this Fair, the most important cultural event of Balearic Islands.

Avishai Cohen was making a short presentation of his songs just before playing them with the Baleares Symphony Orchestra. He told us how his mother used to sing Puncha Puncha to him, and my inner Fada Despistada came into alert level, so I listened to it even more carefully.

Cohen’s music moved me and touched me as I had not felt in a very long time. I felt flooded with energy after months of grieving and silence. The song, so simple, starts with a double bass and one voice, nothing else. That was just enough for me to forget everything. I broke up in tears _this time not with grief but wonder.

It also reminded me of Romeo, but not with pain. For the first time since Romeo’s death I stumbled upon something I was sure he would had loved. I felt I owed this song to Romeo and to myself too, to enjoy together as back in our day. Whenever you hear something so simple and so perfect as this song you only want to make it yours in some way.

No sooner had I came out the concert hall I called Guillem Fulana. “I got it”, said to him. “Now I know what I want us to do. I want to sing Puncha Puncha. I want to sing perfect songs and honour them. I want to sing perfect music with you!”. And that’s how our ensemble was born.  That’s why it is the last theme in the album, like a legacy to take with us whenever we go to perform.