Negra Sombra

My very first time rehearsing Negra Sombra left me out of myself. I had just finished singing and it felt like floating. It was also the first time I connected with what they call Inspiration.

I performed it once more, a capella, at a vocal jam at the Jamboree hall in Palma de Mallorca. Then, too, I felt such a bluff that even now I remember many more lights than the real lamps at the stage. I wasn’t able to understand what had happened to me, I just wanted to feel it over and over again. Little wonder, since Rosalía de Castro’s lyrics are frantic, tremendous in their lovesickness cry:

En todo estás e ti es todo, 

pra min i en min mesma moras, 

nin me abandonarás nunca, 

sombra que sempre me asombras. 

Everywhere you are in every thing,
For and within me you live
Nor will you ever leave me,
Shadow that always shades me.

(translation by José Castro)

A while later we decided to record the song for this album. At the first moment we came into the studio and started to work I reconnected with that first performance. But this time I also felt my own grief for Romeo’s death. He was no more part of our planet when I needed he still was everywhere. You can hear my tears and gasps if you listen carefully.