I shall be released

This theme came from nowhere a few years ago. I was rehearsing with two cheered and admired musicians and we included it in our sessions. Months later I flew to Seattle to try my luck.

There I was, sitting by my room’s window at The Green Turtle _the coolest hostel in Downtown Seattle. Every morning, a duo of street musicians waked me up with I shall released. So the song got loaded with lots of memories and different meanings. It could not be by chance.

Now I’m back in Mallorca. I shall be released, I think. I shall be released, I sing. I love to play with the double sense of the word release… Our first album as Romeo has just been released, and we have been released too in a certain way. The chorus in this theme gather everything. Memories, message. While singing it I always remember Romeo helping me out in the labour of my son, Guillem. He was light to me in the darkest hour _an umbrella full of light, we liked to say, turned inside out to fill me.

It is a wish, too. A wish of freedom and light I share with many people nowadays. May all of us be released…