Enjoy the silence

Have you ever listened anything casually, so casually that the song sticks around you and it never goes away? Well, Enjoy the silence got stuck to me while I was driving. And my folks know that I do drive around!

So the song went on running round and round in my head. Weeks before I could have a real taste of it. A while later I happened to read the lyrics and remembered one of Romeo’s tips. “Don’t speak so much, Cei, you don’t need so much talking”. Well, it’s not just Romeo advising me of that…

And there was it. Enjoy the silence as a waltz, endlessly looping.

All I ever wanted

and needed

is here in my arms,

words are very unnecessary… 

I’ve been singing it for seven years now. It goes with me wherever I go to perform, and nowadays there is always someone asking for it at our gigs.  It carries the same message within another song I love, Te debo un baile (I owe you one dance) by Raemon. “I owe you one dance, not an explanation”.

As many compositions from our performing set, Enjoy the silence is actually pretty simple and it reaches everybody. That’s what makes it exquisite. It is a rooted, free song _with a rare quality I like to define as democratic. I love everyone likes it. It is also my connection to Barcelona. Barcelona was my very first musical home, and it saw my last hug with Romeo.