Dança da Solidâo

Back in my first years of training, when I was just starting to think of myself as a singer, I listened Marisa Monte and felt in love. A good friend of mine _as an exception, not Romeo this time, insisted me on trying a cover. I accepted the challenge… more than 15 years later.

First I added this song, Dança da Solidâo (Dance of Solitude), to the set of Little Lion Trio, my jazz ensemble. For no reason we have never recorded it, although it has been part of our gigs for a while now.

When ROMEO came into light as a musical project I had a key requirement _to manifest Brazilian influence in my musical history. My friend’s son Iago (3 years old) listened to me rehearsing and asked his mom “Why Cecilia sings so sad?”. I couldn’t help but hugging the little boy, and explained to him that sometimes I do need to sing sadnesses in order to be happy later.

And this is absolutely true, by the way.