Cei Giménez

My name is Cecilia Giménez and I am a singer and composer, performing professionally since 2000. I have always struggled to become what I like to define as a musician by trade. Singing is my profession, my primary employment. I don’t go to rehearsals after any nine-to-five job.

So on, my voice works for different bands and musical ventures:

Little Lion Trio, with an album on our own. Glissando Big Band, now recording. We first met back in 2012, in a summer concert where we were playing separately. After a 45-minute rehearsal we kept on jamming for more than three hours. We had to stick around together ever since!

And my very-very-special music & arts project for children La Fada Despistadaof which I am founder and producer. We’ve been casting spells since 2007 and we’ve released two original albums both in Spanish and Mallorquí (the variety of catalan spoken in the Balearic Islands).

All of these enterprises are part of my musical self. Somehow I had kept missing a space to show another side of my personality_ that deep, rooted, private one. Free at the same time, and alike meaningful, painful and yet natural with the fact of living. So now I long for sharing this new face with my current audience, meeting new listeners as well, and taking back the ultimate spell: an intimate gig with the best musicians I could ever dream of.

Romeo Fasce.

We grew up together, marked by the same songs and experiences. He was always by my side as much as I was at his. He went away too soon, but he left me our music to keep me company. And overall Romeo gave me the gift of creativity, of self-confidence, and the ultimate artistic deed _freedom.

He watched it all, analysed it all, registered it all and he always turned it into art. That’s the reason for naming this album after him. It is Romeo who inspires these songs, because at singing them I keep feeling close to the eternal ROMEO who showed me the way.