Batiscafo Katiuskas

Probably the most international composition from the Mallorcan band Antònia Font, the current arrangement is a present from Guillem Fulana. I had been looking about for songs written in catalan, unsuccessfully. So I asked Guillem to keep looking for me. Guillem has been my first partner in what later became ROMEO. I do respect and admire Guillem as a musician and a friend. Not only because he is an amazing performer and composer _he is indeed, but specially because he is able to delight in the singlest fragments of everyday life.

By some chance or spell, we found out that we were recording our album in the same studio room that Antònia Font chose to record their original version. Guillem took the score and sheets, turned it into a 5/4 rhythm and made me sweat!

He did, really. I had to work day after day to make the cover mine. But Guillem’s arrangements were worth of it. We all love this version as much as the original one. Batiscafo has a deep meaning for all who live in Mallorca. It shares a certain way of living our island. Both the lyrics and the music reflect cristal clear a night like any other in this island we love so much, hidden under planes, cruises and hihgways.