ROMEO is possible due to the junction of four skilled musicians. Nothing would have been possible without their commitment.


Marko Lohikari, from Uppsala (Sweden), alumn from the Sibelius Academy in Hèlsinki. Jazz master _and also teacher, in Continental Spain, a task he kindly corresponds with being a treasure of Mallorcan music. He has shared stages with Big Names such as Marco Mezquida, of whose trio My friend Marko is a regular member.


Pep Lluís García, born in the coastal mallorcan quarter of Sant Jordi. Self-sufficient drummer and percussionist, not attached to any school nor style. He plays every night since 2007 with any musician stopping by Mallorca. Perico Sambeat, Pepe Ragonese and Salvador Sobral, among many others. He is a member of the band Trompes D’Asalt.


Toni Mora, our diamond in the rough. While he is finishing his grade at ESMUC, Toni already possesses a centenial musical wisdom. At his twenties he has by now become part of Glissando Big Band, Xarxa and Saxophobia Funk Project. Along with this last band, Toni has been working all along 2017 on a live recording project.

Our studio work has been made possible thanks to the vision of Toni Pastor. Recorded live and in a full-day-session in order to capture the emotions and coolness of our ensemble playing together.